Aidan Moesby undertakes an artist residency at Dundee Contemporary Arts as part of the Engage Everyone project

Back in Dundee

I came up from Newcastle yesterday, all was going well except a diversion took me all the way back nearly Perth when I wanted the Tay Bridge. There is a slight difference between a diversion and a detour. I will be writing to Scottish Roads soon. I’m staying over the water so I actually look at Dundee. I really did get lost in Dundee. I was trying to follow the road signs to the Tay Bridge a couple of trips missing the flying over and narrowing down the lane roulette soon had me on the right track. I will be writing to Scottish Roads about adequate signage but also thanking them that they made a truth from my blog title and hash tag.

At DCA I entered from the car park. That Lift entrance, that ‘Shaft’ - it’s like being in one of those dodgy 70’s estates in some forsaken new town with dodgy subways where you just wouldn’t go for fear of what you’d find. Luckily I just found an empty lift with the aroma of yesterdays a la carte. (The food there is fine by the way). Straight up to the meeting room and artist talk time. Jackie Smith  was first up and check out her blog.

My attempt at a talk was a fair effort but less chaos and more structure would have been good. It was more of a travelogue through my work, stopping off at some of the more interesting places. Well that’s my take on it. If nothing else everyone was impressed with the raspberries and cheese. Whilst the whole Bipolar stuff didn’t get many laughs - which surprised me - the bit about anxiety and being (or not being) a ‘Lurker’ raised a few hearty chuckles.

So it’s time to knuckle down and make some work. I have run a few ideas past Sarah (Derrick) and will start putting them into action in the coming days. Tomorrow though is Laser Day. i get to be inducted on the laser cutter and i can’t wait.

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